Thursday, January 6, 2011

Voguish Dusting

Yes, even dusting can be en vogue.  Especially because your house will be dust-free, and that’s a beautiful (B-E-A-utiful) thing!  Try these techniques to be a dusting diva:
Dust regularly (1x/weekly if possible)
Utilize gravity and use a downward spiraling technique - dust the ceiling and fixtures, each of the four walls, the furniture on the first wall, the second, etc., then finally the baseboards.
Use electrostatic dusters, which pull dust toward them like a magnet, instead of the old cloth-and-water method.  I’d suggest one with an extendable handle that can be used on all the high and low places (TIP:  Used dryer sheets make excellent and cheap electrostatic dusters!)
A clean pain brush, pastry brush, or even make up brush is perfect for hard to reach places.  Spray them with a product like Endust first.
Try Canned Compressed Air (Dust-off, for example) for computer keyboards, electronics, and knick knacks.  After you’ve sprayed all the nooks and crannies, use a microfiber soft cloth to wipe the dust away.
Vacuum upholstered furniture and drapes with a soft bristle brush attachment.
Finish by vacuuming or dust mopping your floors.
To extend time between dusting, use an oil-based protectant like Pledge on wood furniture, and try Dry Swiffering your floor daily (or every other day, if we’re to be realistic).
Groom Milo or Otis regularly, and preferably out doors to reduce dander, hair, and dirt.
Once a month, pull out the fridge, stove, and other pull out appliances to clean the dust from behind them.
Change your bedding frequently (1x/weekly) and vacuum your bed using a soft bristle brush extension once every two weeks to prevent dust build up in your place of rest.

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