Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knitting via Youtube...

In June of last year, I suddenly had a desire to take up “geriatric sports,” as my sister called them... knitting, mostly.  Sewing.  Crochet.  I bought some knitting needles and yarn, and with some trepidation began looking online for knitting tutorials.  I say with “trepidation,” because I’d already tried to learn how to knit once previously and I wasn’t very successful.  But a voguish diva knows how to do these things!  So I determined I must learn.
In my online searches I came across this website:  
It was very helpful and I was able to learn the basic casting on, knitting, and purling stitches... however, it did not explain how tight the cast on stitches should be.  I have my Mama, a true domestic diva, to thank for teaching me that during a visit home last year!
When I arrived back in Californ-I-A, I successfully completed a scarf using just the knit stitch.  Yay me!  Of course, I wanted to do more than that, so I turned to you tube for help.  
Because I'm new to this blogging and adding videos, pics, etc. I was unfortunately unable to figure out how to post multiple knitting videos in one post... so please forgive the three posts today just for the video action!  Anyway, check these cool videos out:

See the next two videos in their own individual blog posts...

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