Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moments in Marriage: Setting the Mood in the Bedroom

Who hasn’t at one point wanted to create a sanctuary in their bedroom specifically tailored to enhance the atmosphere for hubby and wife?  Here are some ideas to spice up your bedroom Diva Style!
~ Smelly-good candles... I’m sure these have a more grown up sounding name, but I’m a diva, not an adult (ok, I am technically “grown up” but I digress).  Be sure to check with your man first - you want scents that are pleasing to both of you! A super plus with candles:  they glow with lovely soft light.  EVERYTHING looks better in candlelight.
~ Incense... In my opinion, there’s nothing quite so Diva-esque as burning incense.  The intoxicating scent fills the room with mystique and magic... who knows what kinds of sensual things may follow?
~ Table top fountains... the sound of water running invites introspective intimate time, and are fabulous to enhance the atmosphere for giving your sweetie a loving rub-down.
~ Music... it’s a must!!  The right music can make or break a romantic night; obviously heavy metal isn’t the right choice here!  Create a playlist on your i-pod, and enjoy the anticipation that builds in you as you think about how much the love of your life will enjoy it!
~ Clean sheets... I know this may sound elementary, but changing your sheets and making the bed before the fantasy evening really adds to the mood, especially if you put on satin or silk sheets!
~ Sensual Photos of yourself... either splurge on boudoir photos (if you live in the San Fernando Valley or Ventura County, CA check out Blendi at Sundance Photography.  He photos are tasteful and beautiful... my session with her left me feeling like a Victoria Secret Model!) or have a trusted girlfriend snap a few shots of you. If there’s a privacy issue for your room (ahem... children!) then only put them out right before you plan on seducing your hubby - trust me, he will LOVE that you did it for him!
Try any of these or one or two of your own ideas for setting the right mood, and have a blast with the man you’ve chosen to spend your life with, and you’ll have the bedroom diva feather in your cap!

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