Monday, January 3, 2011

Diva Planners

Monthly or daily planners can be anywhere from $20.00 - $40.00 at your local office supply store.  This diva doesn’t have that kind of money!  Do you?  Well, with a little prep work, you can have an even more user friendly yearly planner for as little as $10.00!  Want to know how?
I purchased these and three other notebooks at Target for $4.99 each:

They have three tabs each, and a handy dandy elastic band that I can use to hold my place on the current day.  Each notebook has enough pages for 6 month’s worth of planning space.  With a pen, I marked the pages (1 per day) like so:

Then, I went to so that I could add national holidays to my planner.  I also added personal holidays (like my birthday, which is the 11th, by the way!)  After that, I used tabs I already had and labeled each month like this:

Then, I labelled the 3 tabs that are in the notebook like this:

I wanted to make sure if it got lost, I’d get it back.  So on the inside cover I wrote:  (my name and phone number are actually in there but I hid them for web security purposes!!).

Lastly, I wanted to personalize it a little bit more.  So I drew this on the cover:

A few words about the assertion that this planner is actually more user friendly:
  • These particular notebooks have folder divider pockets, so I can put important papers (party invites, fliers, etc.) in the folders.  
  • You get a whole page for daily planning, rather than a small space.  For me, that means I can fit my whole to-do list on a page, or if I’m going to the grocery store, I can actually write my grocery list right in my planner.
  • It’s small enough to fit in my purse.  Yes, I carry a big purse.  Big purses are a MUST for divas!
  • I got to draw on the cover.  HUGE plus for me!
  • They’re made of recycled materials.  Going green and saving green! 

What, you need more to be convinced?  You only need 2 for the whole year, so you’re going to be spending a grand total of $10, plus or minus a few cents for taxes, so get to Target and make your awesome Diva planner today!  

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  1. you impress me Deanna! I think about it and then don't do it, you think about it, do it and then blog it. By the way, you are my heroine :) I love you